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Enhance Your Security With Profile Cylinder Locks Installed By Your Local Experts

Profile Cylinder Locks - Laredo Locksmtih ProsProfile cylinder locks are very common throughout homes and businesses, but they come in a wide variety of styles and for different purposes. Luckily, Laredo Locksmith Pros can help you select the best profile lock to meet your unique goals. You can rely on us for excellent locksmith services in Laredo Texas.

Profile Locks Around The World

When we refer to profile locks, we are noting the shape of the hole that takes the key. Today, there are five basic types of profile locks that are commonly used throughout the world. And you can rely on our lock services specialists to help you choose the perfect one for you.

The Euro Profile Lock

The Euro profile is typically found only in European countries and was standardized about 150 years ago in order to simplify the manufacturing, installation and repair process. This profile can be locked from both sides of a door and works well in deep, narrow European doors.

Mortise Profile Locks

The mortise profile is usually found in North America and frequently used in many applications. This cylinder features threaded housing and is more protected against tampering compared with other cylinders. Although they are typically larger and more secure, they can be difficult to fit some doors and are somewhat more expensive to manufacture.

Oval Profile Cylinders

The oval profile is similar to the Euro profile but is larger, more difficult to break, easier to pick, and less expensive to manufacture. These profile cylinder locks are an ideal choice for locks on interior doors of your home such as the bedroom or bathroom doors.

Key-In-Knob Locks

The key-in-knob cylinder locks are common but can be somewhat flimsy and prone to lock picking. Since they are typically surface mounted in a knob, they can be difficult to unlock. However, because they are so common, nearly every locksmith can repair and install them.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder Locks

The interchangeable core cylinder features an easy method to rekey a lock quickly. These are popular in homes and in businesses and allows owners to change the keys that can unlock the door by changing the internal core combination. Some limitations exist to installing cores in certain doors.

Selecting Our Team At Laredo Locksmith Pros

If you are seeking a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith to install or repair profile cylinder locks at your home or business, give Laredo Locksmith Pros a call.

Our licensed, bonded and insured team has years of experience and significant training and our mobile locksmith units are equipped with latest tools and equipment. We provide upfront pricing on our profile cylinder lock installation and profile cylinder lock repair services.

We are a local locksmith that is available around the clock, promising 30 minute or less response times with a smile. Our professionals can provide advice on selecting top brand name profile cylinder locks as well as information on security audits for your home or business. When you need an emergency locksmith, we are always available.

Potential Lock Weaknesses To Look Our For

Although the most common five profile cylinder locks have become standard because they are less prone to tampering and illegal entry, there are some weaknesses that all locks may have. Understanding these weaknesses can help you select the best combination of locks and security for your home or business.

3 weakness to watch for:

  1. Lock snapping is a possibility with key-in-knob cylinders as well as Euro profile locks. Intruders can break the cylinder itself with no special tools to gain entry. Products that prevent or minimize lock snapping are available.
  2. Lock bumping refers to a method where a special bump key can unlock a door for unwanted entry. Every cylinder can be vulnerable to bumping, but bump proof locks are also available.
  3. Lock picking uses a set of tools to manipulate a lock without the intended key. Pick resistant locks feature more complicated sets of pins and tumblers, which increase the time necessary to unlock a door through this method.

Not to worry, we will make sure that the locks that we install or repair for you will provide the security that you require.

When your home or business is ready to engage profile cylinder lock services in Laredo Texas, give us a call. We are your 24-hour locksmith, focused on your complete satisfaction. And for your convenience, you can request our locksmith services online at any time.

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