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Enhance Your Commercial Property In Laredo TX With Magnetic Door Locks Installed By Our Local Experts

Magnetic Door Locks - Laredo Locksmith ProsMagnetic door locks are an excellent solution for commercial properties, providing superior security and control for businesses of all sizes. Laredo Locksmith Pros can provide magnetic door lock services in Laredo Texas at affordable prices and with friendly, high-quality service and workmanship. We are your choice for a local commercial locksmith for a wide variety of products and services.

The Different Kinds Of Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic force is powerful and using it to create security systems in commercial buildings can be quite effective. As your mobile locksmith, we can provide expert advice on helping you select the best solution for your business. Here are several different types of magnetic locks to consider for your property.

Electromagnet locks work by sending an electrical current through a coiled wire that’s wrapped around a piece of iron or metal. With the absence of electricity, the lock disengages. Although these locks automatically unlock in an emergency, they can also be unlocked if electricity to the building is disrupted by an intruder. They are flexible can be triggered with key codes, swiping cards or motion sensors and can be secured by raising the current level.

Magnetic keyed locks use a complex combination of magnets and a matching key to secure a building. These locks can be hidden so it is not apparent that something is secured. The effectiveness of magnetic keyed locks depend on the complexity of the pin and tumbler combination, but these locks do not require electricity to function.

Magnetic coded locks combine conventional key shapes with a set of magnets, which increase the level of security provided. Although some magnetic locks have never been picked and offer multiple layers of difficulty for intruders, others may have decoding keys and software that can unlock these doors.

Why Work With Laredo Locksmith Pros

As your choice for a commercial and emergency locksmith company, Laredo Locksmith Pros brings years of training and experience as well as advanced tools and technology to your business. We provide both magnetic door locks installation and magnetic door locks repair. Our professionals will listen carefully to your security needs and respect your timeline and budget requirements to find the best solution for you.

As a licensed, bonded and insured provider, we can provide top brand name locks, full installation, and repair services as a 24-hour locksmith in your neighborhood. Our friendly staff promises a response time of 30 minutes or less and upfront pricing. When you need an emergency locksmith, you can rely on us to help you in difficult situations.

Our professionals are trained in the installation of these locks for both inward and outward opening doors. We understand how to surface mount and route wires when necessary through the frames to connect magnetic locks correctly to a power system. We can also help adjust currents, select the right level of complexity and help advise on how magnetic locks can play a role in a complete commercial security system.

A Brief History Of Magnetic Door Locks

In 1969, Sumner Saphirstein created the first electromagnetic lock in response to a desire for a lock that would disengage during a fire or other emergency in a large public building. After an initial design worked for this application, Saphirstein continued developing and improving the magnetic lock over the next several years.

As more engineers and technicians worked to design and manufacturer magnetic locks, more start-up businesses began to develop and market variations of these locking mechanisms for a variety of applications.

To sum up:

When you’re ready to explore magnetic door locks for your business, Get in touch with Laredo Locksmith Pros for more information and a free estimate. We are anxious to provide locksmith services in Laredo Texas that will meet your unique security needs and applications.

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