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Call Us And Enjoy Expert Installation And Repair Services For Electric Strikes

Do you need a skilled local locksmith to install or repair electric strikes for your commercial property?

Well, you’re in luck!

Laredo Locksmith Pros supplies full locksmith services in Laredo Texas and we are experts when it comes to electric strikes. In addition to providing assistance with lock-related projects, we also furnish 24-hour locksmith skills on demand.

As a mobile locksmith, we’ll travel to your destination to perform work. We install, maintain and repair commercial security systems, too. For instance, you can call us to obtain in-demand electric strike services in Laredo Texas.

Why Customers Choose Us

Why do so many satisfied Laredo customers designate Laredo Locksmith Pros as their commercial locksmith company of choice in this region of Texas? We believe our emphasis on offering superb customer service contributes to our popularity.

In addition, our firm strives to give several advantages to customers. These include:

  • Electric Strikes Installation - Laredo Locksmith ProsAssistance from a fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith
  • Availability on a 24/7 basis
  • Super fast 30-minute (or less) response times
  • Complete installation and repair services
  • Top brands of locks
  • Technicians possessing 5 (or more) years of work experience
  • Friendly service
  • The use of cutting edge tools and supplies
  • Fair, upfront pricing policies

About Electric Strikes

An electric strike will substitute for the fixed strike plate in some access control systems. It permits remote control of access through a locked door in the absence of a mechanically operated lock and key. Modern versions of these locks occur in three forms:

  1. Fail-safe electric strikes
  2. Fail-secure electric strikes
  3. The third configuration is capable of switching between these two modes

The fitting of this lock involves considerable complexity. Selecting the appropriate electric strike requires a skilled, well-trained locksmith. Installing the wrong type in a door results in a non-functioning or potentially hazardous lock in some circumstances.

Laredo Locksmith Pros possesses the skills required to safely install, maintain and repair these sophisticated lock mechanisms.

Our Electric Strike Services For Businesses In Laredo

Laredo Locksmith Pros offers electric strike installation and electric strike repair.

Whether or not this highly specialized type of lock proves suitable for a particular door may depend upon a number of factors, including fire code regulations. You can ask for our advice concerning available lock options when you request our electric strike services.

We offer complete commercial and emergency locksmith services. Contact us to request the installation, removal or repair of an electric strike system!

Commercial Properties Which Benefit From Electric Strike Technology

These specialized locks first gained popularity in the United States as a way for the residents of apartments to remotely open a front entrance for visitors. The convenience of flicking a switch to permit admission contributed to the popularity of this technology in many urban areas.

Today these products sometimes enhance the operation of access control systems. For instance, an electric strike will sometimes safeguard a high-security area in a bank, a jewelry store, or a warehouse. Since different types of electric strikes exist, and sometimes these locks potentially restrict the ability of people to leave the premises quickly, it remains important in certain situations to obtain approval from the local fire marshal before installing some versions of this technology.

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Call us to obtain fast and reliable locksmith assistance. You can also schedule an appointment for routine residential, automotive or commercial locksmith services in the Laredo area.

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