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Discover Why Deadbolt Lock Have Been One Of The Most Popular Lock Types For Centuries

For most people, nothing is more important than the safety and protection of their loved ones. Laredo Locksmith Pros is on your side when it comes to finding a professional and affordable home and business security solutions to protect your family, your livelihood, your property, and your possessions.

Types Of Deadbolt Locks To Choose From

Our professionals are experts in providing a variety of locksmith services in Laredo Texas. Deadbolt locks are one of the most common, yet affordable and effective, solutions that many people select. A simple design that allows a bolt to slide into a sleeve either mounted on the inside of a door frame or on the interior side of the door provides an extra layer of protection to traditional key-in-knob locks. And with our expert lock services, our technicians can help you make a decision and choose the best deadbolt for your needs.

Deadbolt locks - Laredo Locksmith ProsHere are the most common variations of deadbolt locks:

A single cylinder deadbolt is a common lock, which is installed on the interior of a door and features a knob that controls the bolt.

A double cylinder deadbolt is installed like a single cylinder but requires a key to lock and unlock the door from either side.

A keyless deadbolt is convenient because it does not require a physical key; only a changeable PIN code that can be typed into a keypad.

A digital deadbolt is also keyless but it requires electricity to function.

A mortise deadbolt is installed inside of the door frame itself.

A rim deadbolt is handy when you want the door to lock upon closure.

A vertical deadbolt is extra secure as it is mounted on the top of the door instead of on the side, making it more difficult to break.

Why Choose Laredo Locksmith Pros For Your Mortise Locks Installations And Repairs

As your top local residential locksmith, we can provide installation and repair of deadbolt locks to protect your home. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we pride ourselves on being available 24/7 with a 30-minute or less response time.

We also provide services to businesses including security audits, deadbolt installation, deadbolt repair and a host of other commercial locksmith services. Our local technicians each bring more than five years of experience to the table and our mobile units are equipped with latest tools and equipment to meet all your locksmith needs.

Laredo Locksmith Pros recognizes that individuals and businesses may require a 24-hour locksmith in cases of emergency. Our staff is available around the clock for those times an emergency locksmith is required. Call us for upfront pricing and friendly service. Once you call, our mobile locksmith can arrive at your location in no more than half an hour.

The Pros And Cons Of Deadbolts

Like all locks, deadbolts have strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to ask our professionals for advice on the best security lock system for your particular needs.

Deadbolt Pros:

  • Deadbolts protect homes and businesses from forceful entry better than standard locks
  • They are not prone to break-ins using crowbars or any other tool used to pry open spring-based locks
  • If someone is determined to try to break-into a home or business with a deadbolt, it will take a long time and increase the chances of being caught

Deadbolt Cons:

  • Although some bump-resistant locks are available, common deadbolts can be picked with specially crafted bump keys
  • Keyless deadbolts can be problematic if PIN numbers are lost or easy to access for intruders, or if the homeowner or business owner fails to recall the proper code, lock-outs may occur
  • Double cylinder deadbolts that require a key to access the door may be dangerous in cases of emergency.
  • Mortise deadbolts can weaken the door or the frame, allowing intruders to more easily break down the door itself.

To sum up:
The next time you need deadbolt lock services in Laredo Texas, contact our friendly staff at Laredo Locksmith Pros. We provide top brand name locks as well as superior service and workmanship. We are ready and waiting to provide expert advice and solutions for all your locksmith needs.

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