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Ask Us to Install Or Repair Spring-Loaded Panic Bars Today!

Do you require locksmith assistance? In the Laredo, Texas area, the friendly team at Laredo Locksmith Pros offers a full line of automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services. We respond quickly to customer requests and we are experts at installing or repair panic bars to keep your business property safe.

Our highly trained technicians have gained five (or more) years of work experience as commercial locksmiths. We’ll send a mobile unit to your location at any hour of the day or night. Ask us to cut a duplicate set of keys, change a lock, install commercial security systems, or repair spring-loaded panic bars. We supply our mobile teams with cutting-edge tools and equipment to enhance our efficiency!

A Skilled 24-Hour Locksmith To Handle All Your Security Needs In Laredo

Panic bars - Laredo Locksmith ProsLaredo Locksmith Pros offers customers distinct advantages. Just consider a few good reasons to hire us:

  • We respond to customer requests within 30 minutes, or less
  • Our firm supplies fully licensed, bonded and insured services
  • We offer fast, friendly locksmith skills
  • You can obtain Laredo Locksmith Pros’ assistance on a 24/7 basis
  • Our reasonable upfront pricing policies please customers
  • As a local locksmith firm, we possess familiarity with this part of Texas
  • Our technicians perform complete installation and repair services for panic bars
  • Contact us whenever you require a capable emergency locksmith!

How Panic Bars Help Save Lives

Panic bars (also known as “push bars”) allow people to exit through a door easily simply by pushing or pressing on a horizontal spring-loaded lever or handle. Today, manufacturers produce these safety devices in a variety of attractive styles and dimensions.

Push bars help save lives during emergencies by enabling the rapid egress of crowds. The addition of this technology can enable an exterior door to accommodate a group of people seeking to leave the interior of a building as rapidly as possible. In the past, before most safety codes required the installation of these bars in commercial buildings, tragic cases of trampling sometimes occurred when throngs of people attempted to stampede through a doorway in panic.

Developing Greater Safety Awareness

Building codes began including the installation of panic bars as a safety measure following a series of tragic accidents during the 1800s and early 1900s. In the United Kingdom, the dangers of packed crowds gained media attention as early as 1883, when over 100 people perished in a stairwell in Sunderland.

A few years later, a terrible theater fire occurred in Chicago in 1903. Many patrons died because they could not leave the premises quickly. Today, planners and architects appreciate the need for public buildings to include easily-accessed entrances.

Our Panic Bar Installation Services

We offer complete, dependable panic bar services in Laredo Texas. Call us whenever you decide to install this important safety device in a business or residence.

We carry a great selection of products, too. Our technicians can help you choose push bars, locks and other door hardware items meeting your décor preferences.

Obtain Expert Panic Bar Repair Services

Of course, Laredo Locksmith Pros also supplies fast, proficient panic bar repair services. To prevent legal code violations and to promote greater public safety, most businesses in Laredo strive to maintain push bars in good working condition.

Ask us to troubleshoot any problems with your exit doors or lock-related security systems. As expert locksmiths, we assist customers in solving problems arising in most brands.

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Contact Laredo Locksmith Pros to obtain locksmith services in Laredo Texas! We look forward to helping you enjoy greater safety and security!

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