Have you ever been locked out of your car or home? If so, then you know the dread.

Can you think of a neighbor or someone with a spare key? If not, now you’re really stuck. A professional locksmith can help you in this type of bind and many more.

Keep reading this guide to learn what services locksmiths provide. Plus, learn about the average locksmith cost and what factors will affect how much you may need to pay.

How to Hire a Trustworthy Locksmith

Before we dive into the pricing details, it’s important to review some key tips for hiring a professional locksmith. With any service provider, you want to ensure you’re hiring a quality company.

The first thing to ask about is the locksmith’s license. Make sure the person you’re hiring is trained and is insured. You can also ask about any previous jobs to get an understanding of their professional background.

When you call a locksmith company you want to hire, ask about their rates. You can describe the issue you’re having and ask about the potential fees, along with the hourly rate. For our locksmith services, you can even request us online! This will make it simpler for you to get an appropriate quote and receive discounts.

Also, if your home or car is more modern and high-tech, let the locksmith know. A professional service will be able to tell you if they can assist you.

Lastly, look for star ratings for the company you’re hoping to hire. A great company will have a star rating of over 3 stars on their website.

Average Cost of Locksmith Services

Professional locksmiths services usually include installing a new lock system, replacing your current lock, rekeying a lock for a car or house. It can also include other services like repairing broken locks for doors, installing garage door locks, and much more.

Depending on what services you’re looking for, locksmith prices can range from anything as low as $30 to as high as $200. For example, if you’re locked out of your house, this could cost around $100 but could be higher or lower. The price can change based on the time of day, your location, and the type of lock.

If you’re looking to change a lock, this will typically be above $70 or more. Most locksmith companies will list the starting price for each service on their website.

What is a Minimum Service Fee?

Since a locksmith will need to come to your location to provide assistance, the cost can be affected by your location. You might need a lock changed at your home, car, office, or another type of business.

While the cost will depend on factors like travel fees, most locksmiths will have a minimum fee for each type of service. The average starting cost for a locksmith coming to your home can be around $30 to $50. This could end up being more if you are calling during off-hours.

If you call outside of the designated area for the locksmith, they could charge you a bit more. This is especially true if you’re looking for roadside assistance.

Laredo Locksmith Pros have a standard fee of $29 and will provide you with the full cost before performing the work. It’s important that you have an explanation of what you can expect to pay.

Average Locksmith Cost to Unlock Cars

Did you know that over 4 million people lock themselves out of their cars each year? With this being such a normal event, it’s important for you to know who you’ll call if this happens to you.

Depending on the type of car and lock you have, the average cost to unlock a car is around $60 with locksmith service. If you’re unable to pop your trunk open, this could be closer to $85. Also, if you lose your car key, the average cost to make a new one starts around $70.

A professional locksmith service can also help you if your key gets stuck in the ignition. If this happens to you, be careful to not try to remove it, since that could break the key inside the lock.

If your car has a transponder key and this is locked in your car, you may need to pay over $100. This is because these keys operate like computer chips so unlocking the car will be more involved.

Cost to Rekey a Car Door

The average locksmith rekey cost for a car door, without the cost of travel, is typically around $30 per door. But if the locksmith is coming to your location, this could increase the price by about $50 or more. If the locksmith is making you new keys as well, which you will need if it is being rekeyed, you could pay about $100 more.

A professional locksmith can rekey a lock by replacing the springs and pins that currently exist. This will prevent the old key lock from working. This is also why you’ll need new keys.

You might want to rekey your car if you lose your lock. But it may be even more necessary if someone you don’t associate with anymore has a copy of the key.

What If Your Key Broke in the Car Door?

It’s possible your key could break off in your door. This can happen if rust sets into either the key or the lock. It’s important for you to not try to remove it yourself. This could end up pushing the key farther into the hole or at a different angle.

The key removal may cost around $80. If you don’t have a spare key and need a new key made for you, this could add an additional $80, depending on the type of car you have.

Average Locksmith Cost to Unlock Your House

People more often associate locksmiths with homes, rather than automobiles. Being locked out of your house is certainly not a fun experience. If you don’t have anyone near you with a spare key, you certainly don’t want to end up sleeping on your lawn or outside your building.

About 2 million people locked themselves out of their houses in 2012, and this is a common occurrence every year. The average cost for a locksmith to come to your home and unlock the door is about $70 to $200, which might include providing you with a new lock or key.

If you need the lock replaced because it broke or your old partner or roommate still has a key, this could be a bit more expensive. Replacing a lock may be on average $150. All of these costs will typically include travel time, insurance, and the relief of hiring a professional.

Changing Door Locks

If you are looking to get your door locks changed, the price may be different if it’s an interior or exterior lock. Plus, there could be additional security measures, like a deadbolt that increases the price.

The average cost to change an exterior door lock is about $150, as mentioned above. But if you have a smart door lock, the cost could be up to $400. This all depends on the type of lock and how difficult the process would be to replace it.

Interior door locks are much easier and typically only take a few minutes. This will be much cheaper to replace.

Installing High Tech Security and Lock Systems

In the digital age, many people are opting for more high tech security systems to keep themselves and their families safe. Bluetooth, passcodes, and biometrics are being used to lock and unlock home doors.

Installing these advanced systems can range from $100 to $500, so it’s important to discuss the type of system with your locksmith when you initially call. They will need to understand the complexity and how long it will take to install it.

Ask your locksmith if they’ve ever installed that type of home security system in the past. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that they have the experience needed to complete the job.

Emergency Services

The last factor affecting the cost of your locksmith services is if you call for an emergency. Emergency services typically include late-night calls, weekend calls, or even holiday calls.

Asking for professional service on short notice will increase the price of the cost, especially if it’s outside normal business hours. An emergency service cost might start around $150 and increase, depending on the type of service you need.

If you are locked out in the middle of the night, unlocking your house door will cost more than calling the next day. The same can be said if you need your locks replaced at the last minute.

The good news about calling a locksmith in these circumstances is that you’ll have the safety of a guaranteed professional and will be able to access your home or car when you need to.

Learn About Locksmith Cost and Services to Find the Best Fit

Professional locksmiths offer a wide range of services. This can include anything from unlocking your car door late at night to installing a high-tech security system for your home.

Remember, the average locksmith cost will depend on your service, the time of day, and if it’s an emergency.

Call us today to learn more about our services and receive a quote! You can expect quality customer care and transparent pricing.

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