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The main components of garage door repair


Repairing a garage door can be tricky but sometimes if you apply the right technique, you can easily get it done. Most of the times it is advised to get professional help, however, if you would like to give it a go, here are some helpful DIY repair tips for garage door repair:

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  • Checking the metal tracks inside the garage


If your garage door is not working smoothly, the first step is checking the mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls if you have an overhead garage door. Sometimes the brackets can get loose. Simply, tightening the bolts or screwing at the brackets can fix this issue. Other times, you might need to examine the tracks for crimps, dents or flat spots. If you find any damaged spots, try pounding them with rubber mallets or use a hammer with a block of scrap wood. However, if the damage is extensive, they might need professional maintenance or even replacement.


In that scenario, call or write to Laredo Tx Locksmith at entering email for garage door repair and garage door installation services if you are in Texas and surrounding areas.


  • Checking and readjusting the level and alignment of the tracks


For garage doors to function properly, the horizontal tracks should remain at a slight slant towards the back of the garage. With roll-up doors, the vertical sections of track are supposed to be exactly plumb. Also, both tracks are supposed to be leveled at the same height on the garage walls.


If the tracks are not properly leveled and aligned, you need to loosen the screws and bolts holding the mounting brackets. Remember to not remove the screws and bolts entirely. After loosening them, tap the tracks and carefully bring them back to position. Recheck and then tighten the bolts at the mounting brackets.


However, if this still doesn’t work or seems like too much work, worry not. We are just a call away. Contact us at our 24-hour helpline and one of our expert technicians will set an appointment with you.


  • Cleaning the tracks and rollers


Sometimes fixing a garage door can be as easy as removing dirt and hardened grease and drying them properly. You can use any concentrated household cleaner to remove any accumulated debris and try if that works.


However, proper maintenance is highly recommended for garage doors to ensure a long lifespan. It is always advisable to opt for a thorough professional cleaning and repair on a regular basis. No matter what the issue, Laredo Tx Locksmith offers the best solutions at cost-efficient pricing.


  • Checking for loose hardware, and tightening as required


For swing-up garage doors, you can check the plates where the spring is mounted to ensure the screws are tight. If you find any loose ends, go ahead and tighten them. For roll-up garage doors, you can check the hinges that hold the sections of the door together. Tightening any loose screws and replacing damaged hinges can fix the issue.


Sometimes you might notice that there is sagging on one side of the door. This can often be addressed by servicing the hinges.


Over time, screw hinges can get enlarged due to overuse. Replacing the screw with a longer one with a hollow fiber plug, dipped in carpenters’ glue can fix this problem. If there is a crack in the wood at a hinge, you can remove the hinge, and then fill the cracks and screw holes with wood filler. However, if all this sounds too technical and complicated, always remember, we are just a call away.


Also remember, a roll-up door that has only one torsion spring, do not try to repair it by yourself as the tension is so great it could injure you. Call a professional repair expert from Laredo Tx Locksmith and we will assist you.


Go for professional garage door repair, garage door installation and locksmith services from Laredo Tx Locksmith in the TX area


We provide the best garage door repair, garage door installation and locksmith services in Texas and surrounding areas. Call us at +1-9566888389 or write to us at to know more about our services.


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