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How garage door installation by professionals can help prevent accidents


We all want to be self-sufficient and smart homeowners, especially with a gazillion “how-to” videos flooding our news feed every day. However, some projects are best left to the experts and professionals. One such task is garage door installation as they involve multiple working parts and mechanisms.

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Here’s why you need a professional for garage door repair and installation services:


Professional engineers know their way around a garage door


Garage doors are actually not exactly the lightest objects to work with. They can be bulky and difficult to manage. New models that are digital can be extremely complicated and technical. If you are a garage door novice and have no clue where to begin, there are chances that you might end up injuring yourself.  The door can fall and injure you, or even worse.


Professionals at Laredo Tx Locksmith garage understand how a door operates and are well-trained to handle its weight. Our expert technicians are experienced in handling all types of garage doors. They are trained to practice routine safety measures. Also, at Laredo Tx Locksmith, we understand that each home is different. And, your home may have an older automatic garage door with little information provided on how to fix it.


There is also the risk of working with electricity when it comes to new models of garage doors. This can be as dangerous as it can be tricky.  For someone who is untrained in dealing with such powerful appliances, an accident or mishap can occur any time during the installation process.  If done incorrectly, the door may not operate properly.


Laredo Tx Locksmith provides with professional garage door installation services at reasonable and upfront pricing. We are a trusted brand name in the Texas area and surrounding neighborhoods. Get in touch with us and we will help you install any type of garage door smoothly.


Call in the professionals for the sake of your safety


According to the data shared by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), more than 15,000 injuries are treated by hospitals and in emergency rooms across the USA.  People end up suffering from several types of injuries when a garage door is not installed correctly or when a bulky garage door just falls on their heads. There have even been cases of deaths of pets, kids and family members due to ill-installed garage doors.


Furthermore, reports suggest that pinching injuries affect more than 7,000 Americans every year. This mostly happens when fingers get caught between springs and garage door panels.  Rollers on the tracks of garage doors can also cause pinching leading to minor or severe injuries.   This is not it. Does your garage door have windows?  Statistics suggest that more than 800 Americans suffer from lacerations due to broken glass panels from their garage doors. Who would want to risk so much to avoid calling professionals who are trained to do this the right way?


Go for Laredo Tx Locksmith in Texas and surrounding areas for garage door repair, installation and locksmith services


At Laredo Tx Locksmith, our technicians, as well as engineers, come with industry experience. Additionally, we give them proper and continuous training while they are on the job as well. Our staff is provided with the latest technology and equipment plus tools needed for garage door installation and repair. They have the required knowledge of different kinds of traditional, conventional as well as contemporary models of garage doors plus the know-how to install them.


Our team is also given due training so they can properly understand the workings of new technologies and the latest models in the market. Rest assured, Laredo Tx Locksmith will not only make sure that your garage door is installed properly and safely but will also do a thorough safety check. In case of any troubles later, we are just a call away – available 24/7 Monday through Sunday on our customer care helpline enter the number.


You can write to us to enter an email to find out more about our services and price range. To book an appointment online, you can request a service here.  We also provide special discounts and offers to loyal customers round-the-year. To know about our ongoing promotions, click here.

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