Feel Safe With a Residential Security Audit

Residential Locksmith LaredoThe world is a scary place. With the rise of terrorism, racial unrest and rising drug problems, it’s no wonder that people don’t feel safe in their own homes anymore. Fortunately, a residential locksmith can perform a security audit for you. They can find any security weaknesses in your home and provide you with recommendations and estimates on how to fix them.


Your doors are your home’s first line of defense against unwanted visitors. You should have a lock and a deadbolt at the very least. Some security experts recommend installing extra long screws into your deadbolt and reinforcing your door’s frame. If you have large windows on or near your door, you may be advised to remove or replace them with ones that can’t easily be shattered.

Additional lines of security can include storm doors and the removal of pet doors or other openings that intruders can use to gain access to your home. A peep hole is also a good idea so you can easily see who is at your door when the door bell rings or when someone knocks.

If you have the budget, aiming a security camera at your door will not only tell you who is visiting, but provide a video recording of their face, vehicle and clothing. This can be invaluable if your home is broken into.


If your doors are well secured, an intruder will next look to your windows. Your security expert will check your window’s for security, inspecting locks and other aspects. They’ll advise you on what you can do to further protect your family against intruders gaining access through windows. Adding locks, window stoppers or other security components can prevent an intruder from entering through a window without breaking it.

Sometimes what you have near windows is just as important as how secure they are. Intruders love windows that are near outdoor fixtures or furniture that can help them get through the window and into your home. Don’t give them easy access by placing furniture or fixtures near the window on the outside and don’t give them a safe place to land when they enter.


In addition to obvious entry points, your security audit will look at less common entry opportunities like garage doors and basements. Additionally, they’ll consider hazards that don’t have to do with intruders, like fire hazards, electrical hazards, pools and other dangers lurking in your home.

A security audit from a qualified professional is the best way to learn about your home’s hidden hazards and to find ways that you can better protect your family. Schedule an audit today to have an expert tour your home and find the hidden dangers you never knew existed.

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